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Home Purchase/Sale Cash Rebate

By using William Peace University SMARTMOVE®, you earn cash rebates everytime you buy or sell real estate.

Refer to the chart for the available rebate amounts.

This program is available to members nationwide, although rebates are prohibited in some states: Non-Rebate States

Important: In order to receive your benefit you must enroll with the program PRIOR to contacting a Real Estate Agent. Please refer to Who’s Eligible for more information.

*Rebate is based upon a minimum real estate commission of 3% being paid to the selected William Peace University SMARTMOVE® broker on your side of transaction. If less than 3%, your rebate will be reduced pro-rata and will be less than shown in the chart.

*In some cases rebates on new construction purchases may be different than published.

Selling/Buying Price Cash Rebate*
$100,000 - 149,999
$150,000 - 249,999
$250,000 - 299,999
$300,000 - 349,999
$350,000 - 399,999
$400,000 - 499,999
$500,000 - 599,999
$600,000 - 699,999
$700,000 - 799,999
$800,000 - 899,999
$900,000 - 999,999
$1,000,000 or more
* The credit at closing cannot be used for down payment and is subject to both lender and seller approval.
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Earn Cash

Earn Cash

Get cash rebates when you
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